About TACT


About TACT

TACT is a boutique professional services firm specializing in business advisory, focusing on providing clients with tailored business solutions. Three aspects of TACT’s services are:

  • Identifying management and business problems
  • Analyzing such problems
  • Recommending solutions

  • We help companies stabilize financial and operational performance to reassure creditors, investors, and other stakeholders that steps are being taken to address problems and maximize value. 
  • We confront your challenges, protect your interests and provide you with solutions that bring long-term value.
  • We provide Value-Based Management Consulting focused on maximizing long-term, sustainable shareholder value.

Saeid Yavari Photo

Saeid Yavari is the CEO and founder of Tact Business Solutions. Prior to founding TACT, he had established and led some companies in the IT market. Saeid Yavari’s focus for the past two decades has been on the impact of technology and other factors on the maturing process of industries. His particular emphasis has been on industry restructuring and shifting economic value due to technology and other factors.

Areas of Expertise

  •  High Tech
  •  Food industries
  •  Construction
  • Retail & Manufacturing
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